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Addressing Injuries to Premature Infants Due to Formula Use


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Chicago Toxic Torts Attorney for Necrotizing Enterocolitis Caused by Baby Formula

When newborn infants experience health issues, parents may struggle to understand why this has occurred. In many cases, the last thing parents would expect is that a child may have been harmed by the substances given to a child to promote their health and nutrition. However, health experts have raised concern that the baby formula provided to children at hospitals may cause a condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). This issue is more likely to affect children who are born prematurely.

The makers of baby formula claim that their products are safe. When these substances cause children to suffer harm, a family may have legal options, and they may be able to pursue financial compensation. To learn how our firm can help with these cases, contact us at 866-553-9812 and set up a free consultation.

Baby Formula Illnesses and Injuries

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a serious condition that can affect a child's gastrointestinal system. It can cause inflammation of the intestinal tract, which may lead to blockages, holes in the intestines, or the death of intestinal tissue. In some cases, this condition may be caused by the use of baby formula that is based on cow's milk. An infant's digestive system may not have developed to the point where it can process these substances, and this may lead to severe inflammation and life-threatening health issues.

NEC Treatments

Premature infants who experience necrotizing enterocolitis may require surgery to remove intestinal tissue that has died and repair ruptures or blockages. The removal of intestines may affect a child's ability to absorb nutrients, and they may experience ongoing developmental issues.

Baby Formula Frequently Asked Questions

How Common Is Necrotizing Enterocolitis?

While only one in 10,000 children experience NEC, this condition is much more common for premature infants, affecting around one in 1,000 children. The condition is more common for infants with a very low birth weight. Surgery may be required to treat NEC, and it may be fatal in one fourth to one half of cases.

What Types of Baby Formula Are Linked to NEC?

Studies have indicated that NEC may be caused by the use of baby formula that is based on cow milk. Premature babies given cow-milk-based formula may be six to 10 times more likely to develop NEC. Most types of baby formula use non-human milk, including the two most popular brands, Similac and Enfamil.

Do Baby Formula Makers Know of the Risks of NEC?

For multiple decades, scientists have performed studies linking baby formula based on cow's milk with NEC in premature infants. However, the manufacturers of formula have continued to claim that their products are safe, and they have not provided any warnings against the use of their products for premature infants.
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